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March 7th, 2011 - ryan4455

Our new ingredient avoid lists are now ready for use.


Users may add any ingredients to their own personal avoid list (must have an account and be logged in to use this feature). Ingredients can be added to your avoid list directly from ingredient and product pages.


In addition, when you view products, you’ll get a warning, “Contains ingredients from your avoid list.” if an ingredient is matched from your avoid list.


View the screen shots below for more detail on how ingredient avoid lists work.



We’re still working on a filter to implement into the product search for avoid lists.

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October 19th, 2010 - ryan4455

The old certification filter has been updated and made into three new filters. One for organic, kosher and vegan certification agencies.


New Certification Filters

New Certification Filters


A sneak peak at what’s coming next…


  1. Allergen sytem
  2. Shopping lists
  3. Ingredient Avoid Lists


December 15th, 2009 - ryan4455

It’s been quite some time since I’ve posted any updates. There have been several minor changes to the site since 2.0 has gone live.

Here is a summary of the most recent major changes.

  • Moderation System – Want to be a moderator? Contact us and let us know why you feel you would like to become a UPC Food Search moderator.
  • Facebook Connect – You now have the option to login with your facebook account.
  • Separated Brand Information from Manufacturer Names – We felt this needed to be separate from the manufacturer’s name, since many manufacturers have brands across several different UPC codes.
  • Multiple Manufacturer/Brand Websites – You can now list several websites for a manufacturer and it’s brands.

We have several other features being developed. We will announce them as they are completed.

July 15th, 2009 - ryan4455

UPC Food Search 2.0 is now live, with a new design, new user interface and several new features. Here are a list of the new features and features in development.
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May 8th, 2009 - ryan4455

Lately I’ve been getting several questions regarding how to decode food product dates. There seems to be a lot of confusion about products that have different date coding information. There are mainly two types of food product dates, open dates and closed dates (also known as coded dates).
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March 28th, 2009 - ryan4455

This week’s changes involve mostly structural changes to UPC Food Search. Now on to the list of changes!
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