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What is Flavoring?

Flavoring can range from any plant or animal part used in food products to change the taste or smell. Synthetic flavors also known as imitations can also be a part of flavoring.

Natural or Artificial

If a flavor does not have the words natural and/or artificial then this can be misleading and means the flavor(s) used could be a mixture of both or either type.

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Source(s) Derived From
Animal Sources
Plant Sources
Other Natural Sources
Other Natural
Chemical (Synthetic) Sources
Chemical (Synthetic)

All flavor ingredients without the words, "artificial" or "natural" will be tagged as, Both (Can be derived from Natural & Artificial Sources.) This information only means that it is possible the ingredient is of natural and/or artificial origin. Please use your own judgment when looking at food labels containing flavoring.

Natural or Artificial?
Both (Can be derived from Natural & Artificial Sources)
Unknown - [Contribute]
This ingredient is tagged with the following aliases:

Acai Flavor
Almond Flavor
Anise Flavor
Apple Flavor
Apricot Flavor
Bacon Flavor
Bacon Flavors
Banana Flavor
Banana Flavoring
Basil Flavor
Beef Flavor
Berry Flavoring
Black Cherry Flavors
Blackberry Flavor
Blackcurrant Flavor
Blueberry Flavor
Boysenberry Flavor
Butter Flavor
Caramel Flavoring
Cardamom Flavor
Catnip Flavor
Cheese Flavor
Cheese Flavoring
Cherry Flavor
Chicken Flavor
Chicken Liver Flavor
Chocolate Flavor
Cinnamon Flavor
Citric Flavour
Citrus Flavor
Citrus Flavoring
Clove Flavor
Coconut Flavor
Fish Flavor
French Vanilla Flavor
Fruit Flavor
Fruit Flavors
Garlic Flavor
Ginger Flavor
Grape Flavor
Grapefruit Flavor
Grill Flavor
Ham Flavor
Hickory Smoke Flavoring
Honey Nut Flavour
Jungle Juice Flavor
Lemon Flavor
Lemon Flavoring
Lemon Flavour
Malt Flavor
Mango Flavor
Melon Flavor
Menthol Flavor
Mesquite Flavor
Milk Flavor
Mint Flavor
Mixed Berry Flavor
Mixed Fruit Flavor
Nut Flavour
Nutmeg Flavor
Onion Flavor
Orange Flavor
Orange Flavoring
Orange Vanilla Flavor
Papaya Flavor
Passionfruit Flavor
Peach Flavor
Peanut Butter Flavor
Peanut Flavor
Peanut Flavoring
Peppermint Flavor
Pineapple Flavor
Pizza Flavor
Pomegranate Flavor
Pork Flavor
Pork Ribs Flavor
Raspberry Flavor
Rice Flavor
Seafood Flavor
Smoke Essence
Smoke Flavor
Smoke Flavoring
Smoked Flavor
Smoked Flavoring
Soy Sauce Flavor
Soy Sauce Flavoring
Starfruit Flavor
Strawberry Flavor
Tangerine Flavor
Tangerine Flavoring
Tropical Fruit Flavor
Tuna Flavor
Turkey Flavor
Turkey Flavoring
Vanilla Flavor
Vanilla Flavoring
Vanilla Nut Flavor
Vegetable Flavor
Wheat Flavor
Whiskey Flavor
White Chocolate Flavor
White Peach Flavor
Whole Rye Flavor
Yogurt Flavor