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What is Milk?

Milk is a white colored liquid produced from the mammary glands of female mammals. Milk in food is primarily milk from cows, although some food products may contain goats milk.

Types of Milk

There are several forms in which milk is made and included in food products. Milk can be in dry or liquid form and is usually pasteurized. Different types of milk used in products can be standardized milk, whole milk, reduced fat milk (1%), low fat milk (2%) and skimmed milk also known as non-fat milk.
Animal milk is first known to have been used as human food at the beginning of animal domestication. Cow milk was first used as human food in the Middle East. Goats and sheep were domesticated in the Middle East between 9000 and 8000 BC. Goats and sheep are ruminants: mammals adapted to survive on a diet of dry grass, a food source otherwise useless to humans, and one that is easily stockpiled. The animals were probably first kept for meat and hides, but dairying proved to be a more efficient way of turning uncultivated grasslands into sustenance: the food value of an animal killed for meat can be matched by perhaps one year's worth of milk from the same animal, which will keep producing milk in convenient daily portions for years. [1]
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Natural or Artificial?
This ingredient is tagged with the following aliases:

Concentrated Whole Milk
Condensed Milk
Cows Milk
Cultured Cow Milk
Cultured Lowfat Milk
Cultured Milk
Cultured Non Fat Milk
Cultured Nonfat Milk
Cultured Pasteurized Milk
Cultured Pasteurized Nonfat Milk
Cultured Pasteurized Reduced Fat Milk
Cultured Pasteurized Whole Milk
Cultured Reduced Fat Milk
Cultured Unpasteurized Milk
Cultured Whole Milk
Dehydrated Milk
Dried Milk Solids
Dried Sweetened Condensed Milk
Dry Milk
Dry Whole Milk
Evaporated Milk
Evaporated Non Fat Milk
Evaporated Nonfat Milk
Fat Free Dry Milk
Fat Free Milk
Fermented Milk
Grade A Fat Free Milk
Grade A Lowfat Milk
Grade A Milk
Grade A Reduced Fat Milk
Half n Half
Lactose Milk
Low Fat Milk
Lowfat Milk
Milk Ingredients
Milk Solids
Non Fat Dry Milk
Non Fat Milk
Non Fat Milk Powder
Non Fat Milk Solids
Non Homogenized Grade A Milk
Nonfat Dry Milk
Nonfat Dry Milk Solids
Nonfat Milk
Nonfat Milk Solids
Pasteurized Cows Milk
Pasteurized Cultured Milk
Pasteurized Cultured Part Skim Milk
Pasteurized Cultured Whole Milk
Pasteurized Low Fat Milk
Pasteurized Lowfat Milk
Pasteurized Milk
Pasteurized Nonfat Milk
Pasteurized Whole Milk
Reduced Fat Milk
Sheep Milk
Sheeps Milk
Sweetened Condensed Milk
Whole Dry Milk
Whole Milk
Whole Milk Solids