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Soy Lecithin

What is Soy Lecithin?

It is a form of lecithin derived from soy beans and/or soy oil. The extraction process can be chemically using hexane or mechanically. It is mainly used in foods as an emulsifier to keep food such as chocolate fro separating. [1]

Health Effects

Although soy products have been arguably been disputed as healthy or unhealthy. Soy Lecithin's chemical compound is almost the same as that of regular lecithin that is usually derived from eggs. Sow lecithin is also used in a very low level in food, usually less than one percent or a fraction of a percent. [1]
The earliest known reference of the use of soy lecithin in the united states was in 1923. A man by the name of Bollman applied for a patent for the process of obtaining lecithin from soy. [2]

The first US research on soy lecithin was published in 1925 by Levene and Rolf. [2]

Soy Lecithin didn't appear on the US market until 1929, after being imported from Germany. [2]

The American Lecithin Co. begins to give grants to sponsor lecithin research. [2]

Small scandall appears in Family Circle magazine, causing people to go out and buy lecithin, creating a shortage for the first time. [2]
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Soy Lecithin Powder
Soya Lecithin
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